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Our Mission Statement

To provide a cleaning service that is unique amongst others in the Northern Virginia area.

About Our Owner

Nazaret Cleaning Services began when our founder Elsa, who always had a passion for cleaning and had prior experience working as a housekeeper in a small hospital, was told by her friend to start her own cleaning business. Inspired by the prospect of operating her own company, Elsa began to incorporate many of the skills she had learned while she was working in the healthcare field. With the skills she has acquired from her previous experience, she focuses her attention on infection control within homes.

About Nazaret Cleaning Services

We are a start-up janitorial service provider servicing the needs of local residents and commercial businesses throughout Fairfax County and its surrounding counties. We are a Limited Liability Company and a subsidiary company of Nazaret Markets Inc. We clean homes and commercial spaces for people of all ages. However, we specialize in working with elderly clients, as our founder has worked as a certified nursing assistant for the past eight years.

We take pride in our staff members who are genuinely passionate about cleaning. They have undergone the necessary training to provide exceptional services to our clients. Our professional cleaning team can help you improve the overall cleanliness of your living environment.

What Makes Us Stand Out

  • We have a convenient scheduling and customized cleaning service tailored to your needs
  • Our employees are strictly screened and selected to provide you with only highly qualified and trained people to service your needs
  • We are fully bonded and insured
  • Our management team has several years of experience in the industry
  • We clean and protect the health of our client’s homes or offices by using natural and the least non-toxic house cleaning products

For more information about our company, you may call us at 202-713-5866 or 571-287-9184.